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Welcome to Rusted Hope Edit

2,876 years from now, the world will have suffered the rain of nuclear war, gone through the hells of the aftermath, and struggled to recreate society. Inside these bronze walls, where all the metal beams hold off the outside, you will begin your adventure. Mythical mutated creatures, strange magics,steam-powered electronics, and intelligent robots wait for you in a world filled with rusted hope

What is this really?Edit

Rusted Hope is a tabletop Role-playing game combing the generes of Steampunk, Post-Apocolyspe, Zombies, Survival, and a hint of Fantasy. It using the GURPS rules for gameplay, and is set as I said 2,876 years into the future. In the land known as R.U.C.S.A or The Reformed United City States of America.

Games are going to take place on Sundays, 2-5pm, in Ricker Addition 201.


If you are reading this I take it that I've told you to come here. Trust me this is a much better way to get info fast.

R.U.S.C.A - This is the country where you live.

New Nazerath- This is the city where you are currently at

List of Federal Guilds - This is where you will choose your class

List of Weapons - Choose how you kill nasty critters

Creatures - The nasty creatures you know about

Advantages/Disadvantages - Making your character better

Skills - You must learn!